Sheet Metal Fabrication

At the heart of JL Troupe is our sheet metal fabrication facility. It is here that all our objectives take shape in your product. Small runs or large quantities are no issue and we specialize in difficult and unusual designs. Throughout the process quality control is involved and at each phase the parts are inspected for quality and accuracy.

Our state-of-the-art Finn Power and Amada turret punches along with our new high-powered laser quickly produce the parts needed. Our skilled brake operators can then add bends to the product from accurate CAD drawings. Our operators can install high quality hardware into the product. Our welders are well versed in both MIG and TIG welding to provide all your welding needs. If wanted the product can then be painted or powder coated on our paint line. Silk-screening and additional assembly completes the product. Our qualified screen printers can silkscreen complicated small parts, unusual shapes, or parts with tight tolerances. We can use your existing artwork design or produce it in house if desired. The finished product is carefully packaged and delivered to you per your instructions.

Give us a chance to quote your next product, set up a tour, or request a small sample and we will be glad to participate in your project. At JL Troupe Company we enjoy what we do and take pride in doing the job right.
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ISO 9001:2015

JL Troupe Company Inc. has completed ISO 9001:2015 certification from Perry Johnson Registrars.

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