The beginning of any process starts with an idea. We at JL Troupe Company can take that idea and turn it into a reality. We will produce a variety of solutions that will evolve into a distinctive and successful product. The final solution will be the result of listening and responding to you, our client.

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JL Troupe is P.E. certified in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

We provide:

  • Effective, efficient solutions
  • Complete, accurate CAD Drawing / Drafting Packages
  • Design Expertise includes:
    • Sheet metal design
    • Injection molded plastics design
    • Aluminum/Zinc casting design
    • Machined component design
    • Electronics enclosures design
    • Machine/robot design
  • FEA analysis

ISO 9001:2015

JL Troupe Company Inc. has completed ISO 9001:2015 certification from Perry Johnson Registrars.

“JL Troupe Company and its customers demand the highest quality available. This certification is a confirmation of the company’s ability and commitment to meet or exceed the high standards of quality and customer satisfaction”
James L. Troupe, President

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